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Barcode Sphere Designer Documentation

Barcode Sphere Designer is a software program that can help you design and print Bar Code Labels easily.
You may use it to create Mailing/Shipping Labels, Name Badge Labels, Warehouse Labels, Price Tags, even database driven reports. Easily print labels using data from Excel, Access, SQL Server or any ODBC compliant database.

Label content can include:
* Descriptions,
* Part numbers,
* Barcodes (all major 1D symbologies supported),
* Logos,
* Basic geometry shapes or HD images,
* ID-s (such as warehouse rack, shelves or product identification)

Use Barcode Sphere Designer to print small or large sets of adhesive label sheets with data from your documents. In combination with bar code scanning software you may locate personnel/items quickly throughout your facilities.

It is really easy in just a few steps to design your own set of labels and make them ready to be printed.
The whole process is consisted of just 5 steps:

1. Selecting page settings (paper size, margins and label size)
2. Adding different component types to the label (barcode, text, image and geometry shapes)
3. Setting label and component properties to achieve desired design
4. Connect to database  (optional*).
5. Previewing the design - print designed labels (optional*).


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